keepfiteatfit with @Jelkatube
Finished shooting test shots for a new project which is currently in the works.
Make sure to look out for Keep Fit Eat Fit 💪🏼 @ Essex

Updated my 2020 acting showreel.
If any of you have a spare few minutes, I’d love for you to check it out by following the YouTube link below or clicking the in my insta…

“Illegal in 9 country’s and made with bits of real panther 🐆 ,so you know it’s good!
...they’ve done studies you know?
It works 60% of the time, every time!”
- if only such product existed...Maybe without the…

Last year I was lucky enough to work on some awesome commercial shoots. It ain’t easy gathering up all the footage, but I’m slowly getting towards putting together my commercial reel.
It’s taken me a ridiculous…

Wrap photo from a shoot I worked on last week. Lots of fun with a brilliant team. The footage is gonna look insane!
@modelsrmg @ London, United Kingdom

Just received footage from a commercial for AHDB I completed last year - bringing awareness to healthy food choices.

“Ordinary Food Is Good Enough”

Without sounding cliche. Food is by far the most important…