The progress in my acting career has been characterised by successfully harnessing my natural creativity and endless desire to grow.

For as long as I can remember I have devoted my time to artistic pursuits, painting, drawing, sculpture – anything, which satisfied the need I have. During my childhood I discovered skateboarding… I pushed myself to the limits of persistence, balance and determination, constantly challenging myself to go harder, faster, and bigger. After a number of serious injuries, I took the responsible decision to focus my attentions elsewhere.

During a physiotherapy session in a local gym, I met a film producer who was working on a World War II feature. I managed to persuade him to give me a small part as a German Solider. This involved night shoots, live gun rounds, body doubling and hours of physical manoeuvres.

After the accidental meeting and what transpired thereafter, I knew this was something I needed to pursue.

I am represented by Y2K Promotions.
Trained: Identity School Of Acting

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